good essay examples sans-serif; font-size: 14pt;”>Polycase incorporates commercial and proprietary modeling in bullet design. The following animation shows that a left hand twist increases cavitation with the patent pending Polycase ARX design just like the right hand twist. The red spots show soft tissue fluid flow that is 1.5 to 2 times greater than the average speed of the bullet. The blue color (front and base of the bullet) are the lowest velocities and the spots at the end of the ARX flutes (in red) represent the highest velocities. Green represents the average velocity of the bullet in soft tissue


Polycase manufactures the highest quality bullets available to the ammo reloader. Polycase Ammunition has redefined the bullet manufacturing process by applying advanced injection molding technology, cutting edge engineering and a highly specialized metal-polymer compound to designs and a process that results in precise, consistent, accurate, low ricochet, range compliant bullet with sound terminal performance.

Preferred Defense – Pistol

Product SKU Caliber/Cartridge Design Bullet Diameter Grain Weight Bullet Type
9ARX355-65 9mm 0.355 65 ARX
45ARX452-118 45 Auto 0.452 118 ARX

Sport Utility Ammo – Pistol

Product SKU Caliber/Cartridge Design Bullet Diameter Grain Weight Bullet Type
9RNP355-65 9mm 0.355 65 RNP
45RNP452-135 45 Auto 0.452 135 RNP

Sport Utility Ammo – Rifle

Product SKU Caliber/Cartridge Design Bullet Diameter Grain Weight Bullet Type
300SRR308-88 300 Blackout 0.308 88 SRR

Reloading Tips:

Polycase uses injection molded to create projectiles that are an innovation in bullet design, composition, and manufacture. These projectiles are great for self-defense and training; intermediate barrier-blind, and frangible on hardened steel. Since Copper/Polymer projectiles have the possibility to fracture under stress, a proper loading procedure should be followed to avoid fracturing.

Adjusting the Bell/Flare/Expander Die:

The die should be set in a manner that the case mouth is belled/flared just enough to allow the bullet to lead in correctly.

Seating the bullet:

Polycase projectiles are compatible with standard seating dies. If bullet shaving is occurring, more bell/flare is needed. Always use suggested Cartridge Overall Length when loading.

Crimping the Cartridge:

Always use a taper crimp die. Very little crimp is needed with these projectiles. The goal is to bring the case back to straight. We suggest using a L.E. Wilson, Lyman, or Dillon Precision case gauges to verify proper dimension after crimping. If the case appears to roll in, that is too much crimp.